Obsession Shiraz Gold (3 Pack)
Obsession Shiraz Gold (3 Pack)

Obsession Shiraz Gold (3 Pack)

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The 2012 Shiraz release, having spent over a decade gracefully ageing in the cellar, emerges as a masterpiece of complexity and elegance. This vintage showcases the potential of Shiraz grapes when given the time to mature and develop their fullest expression.

These Shiraz grapes were meticulously hand picked and wild fermented with 35% whole bunch to draw the delightful tannins from the stems. To extract the ruby colour from the grape skin, we have cold soaked the grapes for 3 days. Wild fermentation is a more natural way to express the fruit, allowing the wine to develop more complex flavours.

The delaying of malolactic fermentation creates a bold and rich hue. Now, after 10 years of cellaring, the wine has softened, contributing to its overall refinement and balance. Held in old French oak for 18 months adds a touch of vanilla and contributes to a smoother and velvety mouth feel.

This Shiraz’s remarkable evolution showcases the craftsmanship of the wine maker and the exceptional quality of the grapes. It is truly a testament to the rewards of patience and careful aging.

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